Radim Valigura

Where is energy,

there is also courage.

Where is courage,

there is no place for alibi.

Dear clients,
I am active in many fields.

Once you can see me in a suit at the flip-chart while consulting managers,
sometimes in a kimono with a sword to train athletes,
next time you may go to one of my educational lectures
or visit me with your personal topics and see me as a therapist.

All my roles combine one common theme:
the quality of our energy and the art to use it effectively.

Radim Valigura

What I do

I increase the efficiency of the functioning of individuals, teams and organizations.

I teach my clients to orient themselves in the field of subtle connections
and to read between lines by perceiving and understanding dynamical principles of energy.
I teach clients how to train extraordinary skills in order to improve personal and professional life.

Professional sport

As a consultant, trainer, coach and mentor I work with individual athletes and teams on issues
of managing competitive stress and increasing their resistance while being under pressure.

Radim Valigura

During the coaching of former World No. 1 Martina Hingis

Radim Valigura

During the preparation of the Czech women’s hockey team at the European Championship 

Radim Valigura

During the half-time coaching of the Czech women’s representation at the European Rugby Championship 

Radim Valigura

During the training with Czech Olympic swimmer Jan Micky 

Radim Valigura

In the pre-competition training session with Technology Mladá Boleslav 

Radim Valigura

During the workshop with Czech representatives in cycling Petr Vakoč, Ondrej Cink and Kristian Hynek. 

Radim Valigura

During the training with Slovak floorball representation of women. 

Radim Valigura

Educational documentary on the preparation of Jan Koukal, an 18-time Czech champion in squash 

My work is based on

25 years of experience in the world of professional sport in the role of player
18 years of experience in the world of professional sport as a trainer and coach
12 years of experience in the corporate world of business as a consultant and lecturer
10 years of experience in relieving unconscious stress in the role of One Brain Kinesiology – 3in1 Concepts® facilitator
Co-authoring of 2 methods of physical pressure training – o gumdo® and Mental Supremacy®
5 years of engineering studies in Business & Management, University of Technology in Brno
5 years of living in Switzerland and fluent knowledge of English and German
10 years of experience in the role of father and husband

My work in pictures


As a consultant and manager, I support stabilisation and development processes of corporations,
especially in the challenging times of making strategic decision and introducing transition & change.

Radim Valigura

While consulting of HR management in field of negotiation

Radim Valigura

While teaching the application of the dynamic principles in business

Radim Valigura

During the moderation of strategic meeting

Radim Valigura

At the Mental Supremacy® training workshop

Radim Valigura

While conducting a strategic worshop

Radim Valigura

Scenario and direction of corporate video

My work in words

Education and upbringing

As a teacher and lecturer, I work in the academic field where in collaboration with educational institutions
I contribute to students, children and their parents with my lectures and workshops.

Radim Valigura

During a Job Challenge conference organized by the Career Center of Masaryk University in Brno

Radim Valigura

During a lecture at the International Conference on Psychology and Sport organized by the Faculty of Psychology, Palacký University in Olomouc

Radim Valigura

Teaching students at the Faculty of Physical Movement and Sport at Charles University in Prague

Radim Valigura

Speaking at a seminar for hockey clubs executives organized by the Czech Hockey Association at Charles University

Radim Valigura

In a parenting workshop on effective communication and leadership of children

Radim Valigura

When teaching topics dealing with stress and concentration for sports children

Personal development

As a Mental Supremacy® consultant and a facilitator of specialised kinesiology One Brain – 3in1 Concepts®,
I provide the public with individual specialised sessions to cope with the challenges of everyday life.

Questions and answers

Especially for those of you who are considering co-operation, this section is intended.

+What is the essence of my work?

Each of us is in a way a flashlight that shines as brightly and distinctly as much energy we currently have. This imaginary light allows us to see our path more clearly in the darkness of uncertainty brought about by the time of change and the unstable ground underfoot. Our energy level is crucial to the extent of our resilience to withstand these challenging times, not to lose heart and to maintain the original course. However, this level of energy is constantly fluctuating. Its dynamic fluctuations can be observed in contrast to our feelings – from those high-vibrational, such as the feeling of uplifting, courage or the desire to do big things to those low-energy feelings of mental exhaustion, demotivation, helplessness, anger, fear or guilt. In general, the more energy we have, the better we feel.Consider yourself: How successful will a person be while feeling constant fear or guilt? How much will she or he progressively think, effectively lead the team or decide on further steps in important matches?

The reason for the decrease of our energy and the corresponding emotional fluctuations is its unbalanced exchange between us and the environment we are currently in. More precisely, it is the imbalance between us and other people, or between us and people-created entities and systems. What is basically happening is that we are unintentionally giving out more energy than we are receiving. And what is important: all that happens to us behind our backs without realising it – on the unconscious level of our minds.

Just try it yourself. Focus on your body and emotions and observe how many times a day your energy “falls” and you start to feel uncomfortable and restless. Take a look at everyday communication with your partner, clients or authorities in the form of bosses, parents or trainers. Also, observe your level of energy when something goes wrong or when you are under the system or time pressure. And lastly, observe how these fluctuations of energy immediately affect your abilities, such as promptness or determination… and I’m even not speaking about a capability of strategic thinking.

My main goal is to equip you with an education that will “ground” the concept of energy into an acceptable and graspable form.

Equally, my goal is to equip you with the knowledge which will help you to discover and gradually get under control the energy that inadvertently escapes you.

I will provide you with an education on which basis you will be able to create skills for a freer choices and ability to follow the right path in your life.



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